Final Project - Reflection

Final Reflection - Shamus Coughlin

Trinket -

The trinket which I coded depicts a portrait view of a cape cod beach. I started the coding with a simple ocean and sand background with the words "cape cod" across the top, afterwards, I began to add things to the beach in order to give the coded picture more details and things to focus on. This included a starfish, a towel, and a picnic table. Afterwards I decided that I wanted to add some birds in the sky as well as a picture of the sun.

Survey -

With this google survey I wanted to see peoples point of view vacationing Cape Cod from the POV of a travel agent who specialized in helping people plan trips to the Cape. This was accomplished by surveying people who had visited Cape Cod before, but do not live there year round. The questions asked circulated around that of different visiting seasons and activities which a travel agency could then use to plan activities for possible clients.

Photos -

For these photos I used samples of…

Final Project - Leading Lines


Final Project - Survey

Final Project - Trinket

Timeline Project


This collected data in the form of my google form survey on the topic of the school schedule represents the vast improvements that the school's schedule could undergo to both improve efficiency and attention along with learning, but also help to improve students enjoyment of their time spent at SHS on a daily basis.